Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults

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Deserts have always exerted a peculiar fascination on the hu man mind. As we were driving along the Garlock fault in the lour-wheel-drive Toyota, we passed small ranches, ruins, forgotten mines, twisted tracks that indicated the power of this dream: hundreds, thousands of men and women had brought to this desert the strength of their despair, and in the terrible heat they had htl itt, dug, planted, and carved an environment for other humans.

Miraculously, some of their endeavors had even survived: down ill the valley we saw vast fields of alfalfa being irrigated by strong wa rer s prayers. Go and find crystal, but no machines, just pure crystal. Take crystal to valley, point toward the sun, hold your mind still and wait, No matter how many of you. The force is strong. Only wi th thought can you return, You will see the old way. We had decided to follow these instructions to the letter and see what would happen. The man who had "channeled" them was with us. He had already made several trips into the desert without linding anything.

Retrieve pure crystal and use this as instructed. Not a game but serious method for moving time block aside. This is absolutely necessary if we are to communicate. The messages were supposed to come from conscious beings who traveled through time. There were certain places on Earth, they claimed, which could serve as doors to other physical planes. They used these places in their own travels..

The purpose of the crystal was to see through the time block: "We can maneuver through the block to the various nodes. At a turn in the road we stopped, raising a cloud of dust from the scorched ground. As it settled we met six men who had driven earlier from Los Angeles with sound equipment and cameras. The days of UFO investigation on a bicycle were gone, I noticed.. The team assembled here had three powerful trucks equipped with four-wheel drive. With our electronic equipment and communication gear, we looked more like an Army strike team than like a group of researchers trying to verify some elusive psychic data.

At last we neared the place indicated by the transcript. We were within two miles of the point it called "the node. Everything was alive here. There was no peace. Some of the mines we came upon were obviously still in use. The Case Against he Spacecraft 35 UUl1ndaries were marked with white paint, Twice we saw a car II riving in the distance, I took pictures with and without the crystal at several places that resembled the description of the "node" given in the Il'a nscript, I got only pictures of the blurred landscape with its I wisted bushes and rock piles, but I came close to experiencing 1 h.

Our expedition was not without its minor mystery. Driving higher into the hills overlooking Garlock, we found a mine entrance sheltered from the great desert wind. There we discussed t he possible meaning of all this, and the remote chance that the Inessage might come from some real alien source, The most likely explanation" of course, was that it simply came from our guide's II nconscious; most automatic writing can be shown to have a purely psychological explanation" At that moment there was the sharp sound of a minor explosion behind me, like the popping of a flash bulb being crushed, There were only two of us in the entrance to the mine at that moment, and nothing was found that could explain the noise.

As a mystery it did represent quite an anticlimax after hours of climbing and driving and picking up rocks and scrutinizing the sky and the barren hillsides. The photographs I took to try to duplicate this effect did show some dark spots, but they were quickly explained as being a result of the developing process.

Perhaps there are flying saucers that hover beyond the hills where old mines are. What I did find was the power of human imagination. In such isolated, unfamiliar places, it doesn't take much to create mystery, and the slightest influence will amplify it. Bringing scientific equipment such as cameras, tape recorders binoculars, and radios will only create opportunity for peculiar effects. And the more people in the group, the easier it will be to give the strength of reality to a faint impression of mystery and danger. We drove back to Los Angeles in a sober frame of mind" If UFO phenomena continue to be observed in that area, there will be no lack of believers.

Betty Hill had described what was believed to be the star map used by our mysterious visitors. These investigators are convinced that the map she saw inside the "flying saucer" had guided the pilots to our solar system. This "proves,' they argue, that we are in fact being visited by a race of space explorers.

I claim that it proves nothing of the kind. Betty's drawing is a map to nowhere. If there is some intelligence involved, Betty's map is another deliberate attempt to lead us astray.. At first it looks like a star, They keep driving on the lonely road, observing the object. It comes closer and looks like a disk, Figure 1. The object has a large curved window and behind that window, humanoids are looking at him. Barney rushes back to the car, frightened, and drives away..

A few miles down the road the middle-aged couple loses all awareness of their actions. They next remember driving past Ashland The story of their nightmares and the hypnosis they underwent has been told many times. A psychiatrist took Betty and Barney back to the instant of the incident by using regressive hypnosis, and they both described a scene they could not remember consciously: the car was stopped; eerie dwarf-like men in black uniforms took control of them; and they were taken inside the flying saucer for a medical examination.

Barney Hill is dead now. He suffered a cerebral hemorrhage at Betty has become a UFO celebrity and a rallying point for the believers in extraterrestrial visitation. She is often heard on talk shows and seen on television" She has done more than any other UFO witness in the last ten years to spread among the American public a belief in space visitors. Several ufologists have now claimed that the home base of these visitors has been identified: they come from a planet circling a star in the southern constellation Reticulus!

This is by no means the first time that the supposed origin of "flying saucers" has been revealed, either by the ufonauts themselves or by deduct jon from the words of the witnesses. In each case the witness seems genuinely sincere and believes in the "revelations. One of them, Jose G. Higgins, The Case Against the Spacecraft I n a radio interview and in conversations with me, a contactee na rru-d "Jim" has identified the home base of the saucers as Orion: 'I he entities of light that appeared in energy form said they were from the constellation we call Orion; and they were here to prepare us to interconnect with the next level of 11 niversal intelligence.

A man of dark complex ion came out uf t he strange Hying machine and approached him. The man was tl rcssed in a blue shirt and blue trousers, and gave the witness a Illcssage saying he came from another world called Lanulos. On September 4, , in Latin America, a police officer named Andrade saw a dwarf wearing silver coveralls near a hovering disk. The dwarf then urrernpted to convince Andrade to come to his world, which was "very distant and much larger than the Earth, with many advantages Il f Earthlings. A complex series of messages allegedly corning from a "Cosmic Federation of Planets" has been received by people in Spain and in France.

The mysterious beings even provided a map ofUMMO and details of its atmospheric composition! Finally, Uri Geller has stated that his powers come from a form of consciousness emanating from "Hoooa," and Spanish contactee Jacques Bordas believes that the strange being he saw was from Titan. Thus we have at least nine different "revelations" of the saucers' point of origin! An Ohio schoolteacher named Marjorie Fish has now added another chapter to this great quest by constructing a model of known sunlike stars and matching it to a map that Betty Hill saw inside the flying saucer.

It is this model that indicates to many authorities among the UFO believers - men like Stanton Friedman and Dave Saunders - that the saucer which abducted the Hills hailed from Zeta Reticuli. Marjorie Fish visited Betty in to get more information about the map. Betty told her that she drew the map under post-hypnotic suggestion in She remembered it as a Rat, thin display giving an impression of depth.

Since she didn't move while viewing it she couldn't tell whether or not it was truly three-dimensional or just Bat like a television screen. It was about three feet by two feet and showed many stars, of which she remembered only the prominent ones, connected by lines.. Fish investigated this pattern by compiling a list of all the known stars within 55 light years of the Sun that are good candidates for supporting life,. These are stars that are not too hot or too cold, that do not vary in brightness, and that rotate slowly, the slow rotation being necessary if the stars are to have planets around them.

There are 46 such stars. The Case Against the Spacecraft 41 Marjorie Fish went on to build models of the positions of Ihr"r stars by using beads dangling on threads and looked for ". An astronomy professor at Ohio State, Wu Iter Mitchell; has recreated the model by using a computer and h"" stated that he was" impressed. People I have spoken to after such lectures came away with the feeling that I he whole UFO mystery had at last been solved.

I believe they are corn plerely mistaken. Before I present my side of the story, I want to state that I think Betty and Barney Hill really saw a UFO and that something unknown stopped their car and took control of their minds.

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They were not lying, and they were not "nuts," I also think that Betty's recollection of a star map is a fact, and not simply something she invented" I base this opinion on similar sightings in which objects have been described, often of very high symbolic value. These objects generally refer to time like a clock or to space like a map or a compass. We are not dealing here with an isolated incident but with a rather typical event.

The second point I want to stress is the great value of Marjorie Fish's work. The similarity between her model and the computer map is a tribute to her ingenuity and to the accuracy of her work. Recognizing that the witness is sincere and that the analyst is accurate, we still have two very important problems before us. The two questions we must ask are these. Let us examine the answers, Zeta Ridiculous and the Computer Freaks How good are you at the "game of the seven errors?

You can see at once that the sizes of the dots vary, and that many angles are not the same.. The pattern does look similar, but lines have been drawn on it to reinforce this impression, so that one really doesn't get a sense of how exact or inexact the true resemblance is. Superficially there is agreement between the two patterns, but the detailed examination tells a different story. What about the duplication of this pattern by a computer? Doesn't this indicate that it is genuine?

No, it definitely does not" It only means that Ms. Fish's model was accurate a fact I have already emphasized, The question posed to the computer was the wrong one. Given the stars in the model and the viewpoint chosen by Marjorie Fish, the computer was bound to display the same pattern that she had already found with her little beads and threads. It would be a lot more interesting to ask the computer to place itself in succession at each of the millions of possible space viewpoints, and to calculate how many would give a "good" fit to the original map. We would probably generate a list of many points in space from which 16 of the 46 stars form a The Case Agains the Spacecraft Hill Map , I " Fish Interpretation Figure 1.

Map A shows the "star map" that contactec Berry Hill recalled under hypnosis. The model in B presented as "proof" that the saucer wh ich abducted Betty and Barney Hill carne Irom Zeta Rericuli, relies on flimsy statistical evidence. Drawings courtesy of Space Age Review. Zeta Reticuli mayor may not be significant when these results are sorted out. Clearly this experiment hasn't been done. Students have moved the computer model around using a television-like display, to explore many possible positions, but the human mind is notoriously subjective in carrying out a job like this.

Once it has found a possible solution, it will always come back to it. The nu mber of possible patterns to be explored is in the billions, and it would take the lifetimes of hundreds of students to explore them all by visual inspection to see if they resembled B etty's map. There are 46 choices for the first one, 45 for the second one, and so on, until there are only 31 choices for the sixteenth one.

The number of space configurations we should examine, then, is the number we obtain by multiplying together the numbers from 31 to 46; it is about 2 x that is, two followed by 25 zeroes. Clearly this has not been done. Marjorie Fish has selected one particular angle from which one particular group of 16 stars seemed to her eyes to give a good match.. This is quite insufficient for positive identification. What if a perfect match was found? What if it identified Zeta Reticuli as the hub of the star pattern?

This would still not mean much in terms of the possible origin of our visitors. An important, even a crucial, fact seems to have escaped the attention of those who have examined Betty Hiles drawing: her map is not drawn to scale!

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The size of the stars - if the Fish interpretation is correct - does not correspond to their brightness. The distance between the two stars of Zeta Reticuli, in particular, is exaggerated to the point where the map would be useless for navigation. What could a saucer pilot do with such a map? Why draw it from a viewpoint that doesn't correspond to any known celestial object? If the map is real, it must have been placed there for Betty Hill to see, not for the pilot to use!

Exposing unsuspecting people to staged scenes in order to further a certain belief is an old trick. During World War II, for example the British changed all the road signs along the route of a German general who had been captured and who was driven to the coast in an exchange of prisoners. He could thus testify to the German High Command that he had seen tanks, trucks, and barracks in the area where the Allies were assembling a "phantom army" ready to strike in northern Europe.. Perhaps it served to reinforce her belief that she was dealing with space visitors. Perhaps it diverted her attention away from something else.

Perhaps the purpose was to have her convince others that a space invasion was imminent, I do not believe that any of the contactees - not even Betty and Barney Hill - have been physically on board an actual "saucer. The symbols it uses are engineered to have certain effects. Those who experience these effects, like Betty Hill, snap out of the objective reality where ordinary perceptions apply.

They develop alternative mental realities to cope with these amazing new perceptions. Some succeed, some fail. In the process they become believers in strange powers beyond the realm of man. They become the tools of the very system that has destroyed their former self. In turn, they begin to change the social reality around them. They have observed the pilots of the craft. We are asked to accept this "scientific evidence. A young woman is speaking slowly in a hypnotic trance.

Uh - that one that was closest to me still seems to be the one that's in charge of things. Vh - my heart is beating really fast because I'm really scared, even though he has communicated to me not to be afraid. The hypnotist, a medical doctor with long clinical experience, gently urges her on. It's like a needle on the long end of one of those tubes; So, it's just - took it out real quick. Almost like a vacuum. Guess again.. This demonstration that contactee experiences can be induced comes from a professor of English at California State University in Long Beach, Al Lawson.

Lawson and his colleagues selected "imaginary abductees" from among unpaid volunteers recruited by campus newspaper advertising. Those who seemed informed about UFOs and those who had had sightings were eliminated. The eight subjects finally selected were hypnotized by a clinical hypnotist, Dr.

William C. Seven of the eight subjects went into deep trance and were then asked to describe what they saw as a UFO appeared to them in their ordinary environment, then as they went on board, met the occupants, were examined by them, were given a message returned The Case Against the Spacecraft 47 safely to the normal world, and thought about the way in which the sighting had affected them.

The results of the experiments were shattering. Not only did these "imaginary abductees" provide what Dr. Lawson calls "a coherent, intriguing UFO abduction narrative," but their stories were surprisingly similar to the most classic UFO abduction cases, like those of Betty Hill or Charlie Hickson.

When the hypnosis transcripts were closely compared with those from "real" UFO cases, the parallels became even more striking: All of the imaginary subjects described many details which are identical to ones found in the literature. These patterns range from the obvious "saucer-shaped" to rare and even obscure though well-established details of high strangeness.

But it does show that many aspects of the experience may originate in the witness's mind. These remarkable experiments cast serious doubt on the validity of the hypnotic regression to wh ich many over-enthusiastic investigators have subjected UFO witnesses. After all, what could be more scientific and reliable than a "psychological stress evaluator" or a polygraph operated by trained personnel, certified by an accredited professional organization? Before accepting such statements as "evidence;" ufologists should get better information on the reliability of lie detectors, for example, by reading the report by the Committee on Government Operations entitled "The Use of Polygraphs and Similar Devices by Federal Agencies.

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What is most important with UFO witnesses is that 8 the complexity and nature of the matters discussed may bias the recording; and 9 excessive interrogation on the subject prior to the test and involvement in repeated UFO sightings affect the accuracy of the results. In no abduction case have the investigators taken precautions against these problems. The abduction experience and the contact experience, which seem at first to suggest an extraterrestrial source for the UFOs, can result, I think, from deeper, subtler, complex processes of the human mind.

These processes can be triggered by suggestion, hypnosis, drugs; and the physical tools of deception. Such deception could be the work of a higher form of intelligence - or it could be the work of human beings. The link between the images of the UFO world and those of human folklore resides in the psyche. The "technology" of the UFOs is not designed to carry little men from one physical planet to another. It is designed, much more simply, to trigger the already-existing imagery we are all carrying in our brains.

It is the imagery of Magonia, of intelligent beams of light, of dialogues with strange creatures. Emerging fully armed into our local universe - like Athena being born from Zeus's head - the UFOs do nothing more than provide the physical support for our own dreams. We do the rest. The Case Against the Spacecraft 49 Our brains erect a ladder of symbols toward the darkened skies where the strange machines hover and we meet them more than halfway across the bridge of their strangeness - perhaps because we vaguely perceive that their irresistible, pathetic adventure is our own.

Actually, they weren't meant to be released. The prison psychiatrist had undertaken a study of Leary, and the whole thing had gotten out of hand. Did the tapes belong to the State, to the psychiatrist, or to Leary? There was a complicated legal battle; the tapes got out.

We were going to hear them as soon as everyone was there. People kept arriving. They sat on pillows. You couldn't reach the kitchen for a glass of water without stepping on the toes of long-legged, tanned California girls or knocking the pipe out of a bearded physicist's mouth. When the tape started playing, there must have been thirty people in the room. Many had driven from San Francisco Berkeley, Stanford. Others lived in the woods nearby. There was one physicist from Berkeley who had done research on Uri Geller, another in contact with FBI people who studied psychic phenomena.

He said they wanted to find out if psychics could somehow pick up the scent of revolutionaries who were making bombs.. There was enough scientific talent in the room to send a rocket to Pluto. Leary's voice, coming out of the tape recorder, was calm as he discussed his beliefs with the prison psychiatrist. He stated that every Jiving entity had a genetic purpose, and that the problem before us now was that of the future of the human race. He implied that Man was fast approaching the end of his rope, that evolution was ready to make a new jump toward a higher form of life, and that a superior intelligence had conceived the blueprint for us on Earth..

The central nervous system was its gift to us, a piece of equipment to explore and use in order to establish communication with our maker. The interviewer asked if this wasn't exactly what the modern followers of the ancient arts of massage and physical identification with the body had been preaching. Leary answered that he was bored with "the Body People.. The psychiatrist remarked that Leary's ideas seemed to differ from Eastern philosophies, which assume that the body, including the central nervous system, is not the individual.

How did he come to develop a different philosophy? Leary said he wasn't sure it was so different, but as a scientist he had never wandered away from concepts that could be localized and reproduced: ' I don't believe in mushy Hindu heavens," he said, adding that the psychiatrist was talking like a human being. But he, Leary, was no longer human" he said. Besides, he was terribly distrustful of humanists. The people who had organized the meeting gave me a copy of a questionnaire Timothy Leary had developed to gather the opinions of other people concerning higher intelligence.

It began with these three questions? I thought we were being trapped.. The questions were in the wrong order. Besides defining intelligence is a game psychologists gave up a long time ago. Oddly enough, they stopped playing that game about the time when they started measuring intelligence with I. To those who requested his definition, Professor Binet, who invented the I. If we had an example of higher intelligence, perhaps then we could come back and make some useful statements about our own level.

Similarly, the "unreachable stars" can be extremely useful in defining and measuring distances on Earth. Perhaps a genuine observation of higher consciousness would tell us who we are. But I also began to speculate along a different line.. Perhaps Leary and others had found a new bandwagon, Perhaps they were just expressing the aspirations and frustrations of a generation that has put Man on the Moon, but has done nothing for the Earth. Visitors from outer space would be a convenient interlude. They would help transcend political emotions and pave the way to the unification of that enormous economic marketplace: Planet Earth.

Take these possibilities into consideration, and you will begin to understand why the idea of life in space is no longer a simple scientific speculation but a social and political issue as well. Sensing this, the military authorities have tried to stay away from it as long as possible. So has the scientific community. Science could have analyzed the observations and reached a conclusion then, But it may be too late now.

Professor Condon and his team, who had been picked because they were presumably impartial and unprejudiced, went on to write a report stating that no evidence existed for the reality of UFOs. The report was reviewed and approved by the National Academy of Sciences in , leaving the field of UFO research wide open for charlatans and hoaxers of all kinds. In Man the Puppet. An emotional urge, even if it be only pride in a preformed opinion is necessary to give the push to intellectual acti vi ty; 1 It has taken almost ten years for serious researchers to begin challenging the Condon Report.

The controversy is more lively than ever as increasing numbers of young scientists of the "UFO generation" wonder about the reality of UFOs and eagerly look for an answer. I have long pondered that same question. The answer I have formed is a disturbing one.

It can be expressed very si mply: it doesn't The Bandwagon from Outer Space 55 matter any more whether flying saucers are real or not. When I say that it doesn't matter whether they are real or not, I am speaking of their social impact. You can find scholars who will "prove" to you that the supernatural powers of Jesus Christ never existed. You can also find scholars who will "prove" to you that they did exist. Does it matter? Of course not!

It only matters to the experts, who have staked their academic reputations on either side of the argument.. I claim that the same now applies to flying saucers because enough people believe in them, enough people believe that contact with them is possible and enough people even believe that they have secretly achieved such contact In , Condon and his team could have done a serious scientific study of UFOs, but they didn't, Now it is too late for science..

The social, historical, and political con seq uences of the spreading belief in the contact with space are here, and they are real, no matter how ludicrous and bizarre they may appear. In fact, the more ludicrous and bizarre they appear, the more effective they are as subliminal seduction and as other forms of psychological control, and subliminal seduction is exactly what we are dealing with here. The belief in UFO contact, and the expectation of visitation by beings from space, is promoted by certain groups of people who are responsible for advertising UFO contacts, for circulating faked photographs often in connection with genuine sightings , for interfering with witnesses and researchers, and for generating systematic "disinlorrnation' about the phenomenon.

We may find that they belong, or have access, to military, media, and government circles.

I'd like to be notified of new arrivals in the following categories.

In these games it is not clear exactly which side is infiltrating the other. Such letters had been received since by several Spanish and foreign researchers. They allegedly came from inhabitants of the planet UMMO who were living secretly among the Spanish population. These communications included thousands of pages of philosophical and scientific discussion, some of it trivial, some profound or even illuminating.

On two occasions prior to , it is said that officers of the Central Intelligence Agency stationed in Madrid received letters from these "visitors. In her house they had conducted "psychophysiological experiments with animals," the letter said. Following up on this information, authorities began checking into what they assumed was some kind of a joke. They found that in February , a corpse had been mutilated in the house in question. A hand and other limbs had been sectioned. A sensational trial had resulted. If it is a joke, it has been carried a little far.

But if it is not a joke, what is its purpose? The Bandwagon fr o m Ou te r Space 57 olsuch groups? To whom is the message directed? What psychological. Who Are the Contactees? As you read this book you are penetrating with me into a strange world, into "an intellectual twilight6'. I 'eculiar events, furtive meetings, and messages suggestive of other worlds will come into the picture before we reach the end. I wish it were a simpler story, but it will of necessity appear as a mosaic, a puzzle, a pattern of individuals and trends and traditions hoing back to very old records and leading to our own times by some very strange paths.

It involves many people with a common characteristic: they have engaged in communication with what they regard as another level of consciousness, above the human level. They believe that they have met the "Higher Intelligence. They have created a subculture in which psychic phenomena and contact with space are considered everyday occurrences.. Then why is their world one of fear and insecurity and suspicion, not a world of love? The stories of the contactees touch upon one of the most exciting areas of human existence in this century, because open contact with other beings would be a turning point in our history.

There are two kinds of contactees. I call "direct contactees" the people who 1 claim to have witnessed an unexplained physical 58 ME:S. Under this defi. In this category are all the people who receiv-emessages. The Bandwagon from Outer Space 59 Contactees of both kinds are occasionally capable of extreme a :tions to propagate their beliefs. They may be violent and unpredictable.. For example, in the sixties, according to conversations I had in the Soviet Union, a leading plasma physicist was pushed II nder a Moscow subway train by an indirect contactee" who had been instructed by a "voice from space" to kill that particular man, In , a French contacree was arrested by the police as he was entering the headquarters of the French television network, carrying a carbine and fifty shells: a similar voice from space had instructed him to kill a newsman who had written several books on UFOs.

Although many contactees are nonviolent, their beliefs are nonetheless tainted with fanaticism. To summarize, then, contactees are people who believe they have a special destiny, linked to an unexplained phenomenon they mayor may not have observed, but in the existence of which they strongly believe. What wonders they could reveal to me, they claimed, if only I agreed to blindly follow their leadership! What powers I would share, if I joined their ranks and did as their messages said! I refused.

My refusal may decrease my worth as a witness. I have investigated, analyzed, and compared. I have not participated. I have seen enough, however, to warn others not to accept lightly any claims that our world is visited by kindly beings from space who are bent on helping us. Those eager believers who drift into the reassurance of some blissful new creed should consider the personalities that are causing the drifting. Their world is a case of science gone wrong, and mysticism gone wrong.

Consider also the shadowy personalities, the sect leaders and the high priests, that are using the contactees for their own ends. Consider their link - never seriously investigated by the UFO research groups - with political extremist organizations. In researching this link I found that the entire subject was even more tricky, depressing, and complex than I had imagined. I have become convinced that the scientific investigation of sightings alone will never explain the phenomenon. I have met many people whose effect on the beliefs of those around them was based on irrational claims and charismatic influence.

These are difficult questions to research, and there is no standard method for conducting such a probe. In California I have attended meetings of the Human Individual Metamorphosis as they were recruiting passengers for the next saucer trip to "the other level. I came back to the States and met a woman psychic who argued about Atlantis and the elimination of OUf money system. I interviewed a would-be political leader, a member of the John Birch Society, who was trying to put a contactee into the White House.. The ideas of all these people had certain important themes in common, Underneath the trivia the verbiage, the platitudes, there were powerful symbols and powerful social images; universal peace, the exploration of space, a single world economy, and the elimination of money..

I traced some of these id. To clarify the mechanism of their actions, I looked for other situations in which the irrational had made an impact on political and social events. The Bandwagon from Outer Space 61 Where does this exploration lead? To a completely new challenge "I" the conclusions of Professor Condon and the National Academy of Sciences about the nature of the threat presented by UFOs, not physical grounds, but on social grounds. My own conclusions. They also suggest that our civilization may be headed for very serious trouble, with irrational forces tearing apart t he old structures and replacing them by the blind institutions of inhuman beliefs.

Today there are many reasons for expecting a complete l urnaround in attitudes toward space intelligence. The official space effort has temporarily run out of objectives that can capture the public's imagination and enthusiasm. The potential discovery of extraterrestrial life would give the space industry infinite new horizons to explore.

New political grounds would be open to ambitious young leaders. The eager anticipation of imminent encounters with space beings would help crystallize the efforts of an entire nation, perhaps of world public opinion.. It would help in transcending local conflicts and in achieving within a single generation behavioral changes that might otherwise take a hundred years to complete.

If this is the contribution of the UFO phenomenon, then we are in fact dealing with one of history's major transitions.. I The Deception A lot of people think Tm crazy, hut sometimes itll be a bright night and [ill be sitting outside and saying, come on doum, come and get me.

Jacques Vallee - Messengers of Deception

I've always wanted to be picked up by a UFO. She was a tall, pretty girl in a fashionable dress, The men in the restaurant turned around to look at her. She could have been a model, or a receptionist behind a big desk with five telephones in those fancy buildings downtown. Little did they know she was a contacree bent on solving the energy crisis by building a new type of engine. During our interview, she confessed that the motor idea was triggered by an abduction aboard a UFO. It seems that she was with a group of musicians coming back from Lompoc to Los Angeles in the summer of We must have been on the road half an hour to 45 minutes, it might even have been an hour.

At that point, we were on a flat stretch of land. There were hills on the righthand side and we were going south. Out of these hills came a white light, and it moved up and began to come in our direction. Then it began to do very erratic things and twists, go very far out and come closer very quickly. I wanted to get the step-by-step account of her perceptions. George and Barbara were up front - George was driving - I was in the back behind him, and Dave was to my righr, Dave and Barbara were afraid of it. George and I were encouraging the whole thing; we enjoyed this.

It was white, and it showed a very beautiful kind of glow. I seem to remember some kind of windows, but I really couldn't be sure.. It didn't make any noise.. The thing was big. Four white lights, funnel-shaped, extended from the perimeter of the vehicle and down around each of our bodies. Astral travel is nothing new. That's how witches went to the Sabbath and saints to heavenly The Deception 65 communions. An American businessman, Robert Monroe, has set up learning centers complete with training tapes to help people leave their bodies, The psychedelic culture embraced the concept enthusiastically in the sixties and it is now part of the everyday world of millions.

But automobiles are not capable of astral travel. That was the in itial experience of it. The ambulance driver, who escaped under remarkable conditions, is now the leader of a contactee group in Nice. Under hypnosis, Helen remembered going on board the "saucer" and observing its propulsion mechanism. She met a man dressed in white, who showed her an amazing motor. Now she is determined to build it, I began checking her story, First, I had a lengthy telephone conversation with George, who hasn't seen her in several years but remembers the incident as "a turning point in his life," Dave had moved to another city, where I traced him.

A friend of mine, a psychiatrist, got in touch with him and obtained his statement.. Like George, he vividly recalls the whole incident and describes it in similar terms, Ever since the sighting, Helen has felt the urge to build the machine whose principle was revealed to her by one of the saucer pilots. It has become a central point for her, the goal of her entire life. Yet the motor she wants to build is based on a "perpetual motion' scheme and could never run, physically, the way she explains lr.

There are three witnesses to this UFO event, and everything seems to point to the reality of their experience" But this is precisely the place where many doubts are raised in my mind. Can we l. The Deception 67 If we are not dealing with space visitors at all, but with powerful i Inagery projected in order to alter individual belief systems, then the dream-like hallucinatory nature of the experience begins to make more sense, We could even imagine that the object is a form of natural energy; that close exposure to it triggered the vision; and that the most important question to ask is, what effect do such visions have on the society around the witnesses?

Let us not forget that the society in question is badly in need of "space brothers," and has lost much of its faith in the scientific genius of mankind. Such is the social matrix within which we must consider an experience like Helen's abduction.. Certain factors combine to suggest we should believe that she was interviewed by space creatures, but all the facts taken together suggest a different, more subtle interpretation: what she thought was a "contact" may have been a symbolic manifestation or a trap.

Her "spacemen" may have been messengers of deception. Witnesses to close encounters with UFOs give reports similar to this one in case after case. The phenomenon involves more than a simple craft using an advanced form of propulsion; it involves a technology that can distort the observer's sense of reality. Psychic Technologies We already have human technologies that are both physical and "psychic" in the sense of influencing the consciousness of an observer.

An example of such a technology is given, very simply, by your television set. There is no question that it is physical, You can talk about its size, volume, weight, and temperature.. But if you turn it on, it will begin to control your awareness in peculiar ways. You will observe scenes that, as far as you can tell, could be either ureal" or faked. You may be a witness to an actual crime committed right now, or to something that happened years ago.

Messengers of Deception : UFO Contacts and Cults [Paperback]

Based on what you can observe, you have no way to know the truth, even if you have a N abel prize in physics. Besides, your television set influences you in other ways. It determines what toothpaste you use, how you shave, who you go to bed with, and how you will vote in the next ejection.

In some respects I think UFOs are similar to television sets. They are physical obj ects, the products of a technology, but they are also something else: the tools of a major cultural change. I think UFOs are perpetrating a deception by presenting their so-called "occupants" as being messengers from outer space, and I suspect there are groups of people on Earth exploiting this deception.

I have written this book because I am concerned with the changes which would be triggered by the belief in an outer-space invasion, real or simulated. In the words of a Brookings Institute report on the cultural impact of extraterrestrial life: The consequences of such a discovery are presently unpredictable because of our limited knowledge of behavior under even an approximation of such dramatic circumstances. The fundamentalist and anti-science sects are growing apace For them, the discovery of other life would be electrifying. Genuine "contactees" like Helen are already busy preparing these changes.

They mean business. They are sincere. They obey what they believe to be orders coming from a higher cosmic level. Most scientists think this is a delusion of no importance. I differ from them in believing that these contactees are being used in a dangerous way, and that the symbolism they propagate will make a deep impact on our lives. The new belief is completely lacking in logic. That is the key to its power. It serves to keep scientists away. The more absurd the statement, the stronger its effect. When the Establishment is rational, The Deceptio n 69 ,,1,Jllrflity is dynamite.

Yesterday "uy politician would have avoided UFOs like the plague. Tomorrow someone might announce that proof has been found for the ex istence of alien life forms. Such an announcement would make possible astonishing social, political, and economic changes. To Jlave the way for such changes is the stated goal of many contactees. It could be reality tomorrow, A Social Time Bomb The idea of contact with higher intelligence is a social time bomb. Several years ago I warned that unless my scientific colleagues undertook a serious and unbiased investigation of the UFO phenomenon, there would be a proliferation of new sects claiming contact with higher intelligences and special communication with outer space.

This prediction has now been fulfilled: in California, Oregon, and Colorado, for example, a group called Human Individual Metamorphosis H. PTl N over the world, claims of contact with supernatural entities. Some believers in contact with space. As much as scientists would like. It is this fact that prom pted me. Near Bellaire, Michigan, John. Shepherd has established this UFO -detect ings ration in. The Dece ption 71 Ii Il. Suppose visitors arrived from elsewhere with a completely ,I i llcrent religious system, Suppose they had a political organization htl ilt on principles that challenged both communism and capitalism.

Wouldn t a new form of faith spread among humans? The longer 1 his belief was suppressed, the stronger it would finally burst upon ou r rigid structures. Now, suppose a group of men simulate the a rrival of these alleged visitors as a hoax, a deliberate deception. Would we ever know? Great social changes often come from the least expected area. I believe that the most powerful factor that can change a society's structures is not a simple terrestrial "enemy' beyond its borders. This change can come from within, if the gap between the scientific elite and the frustrated public gets wider and is deliberately exploited.

Is the Lord an Extraterrestrial? The handwriting on the walls of the Paris subway ranges from the slogans of Maoism to the profanity of scatology, and I do not ordinarily spend much time studying it. However, when I found the scribbled announcement that "The Lord is an Extraterrestrial," allegedly emanating from a mysterious ' Order of Melchizedek," I had to stop and take notice" I had urged scientists to do serious research on the phenomenon of UFOs before it was swept away by fanaticism. If I had been asked to name the part of the world where fanatical saucer sects might arise, I would have said California!

In Los Angeles perhaps. Certainly not in Paris. Not in the subway, in full view of hundreds of thousands of men and women who walked by this yellow poster every day, carrying serious, rationalistic, cynical newspaperslike Le Monde under their arms! In Paris it was, however, and the note in black felt-tip marker was written not once but many times, on the walls of several runnels, The work of some insane person? But the signature suggested a group, an organization: The Order of Melchizedek. I decided to investigate; the next day I met Cyna and Ivan, two leaders of that sect, in their cluttered apartment.

Later, bent on Jearning more than superficial acquaintance with the group could reveal, I joined their organization and delved into its history.. What I found is wonderful and strange, and sometimes funny as this book will show you. I admit that the work I thus undertook represents a departure from the theme of scientific analysis of UFO sightings that I have advocated in previous writings.

I still believe such an analysis to be necessary, Scientific analysis will undoubtedly provide part of the truth about UFOs; however, I no longer believe it will lead to the whole truth. Major Murphy, who retired from a u. Intelligence service quite a few years ago, had seen action in World War II in Italy, and also described vividly his investigations in the Caribbean, where he organized efforts to intercept submarines and German spies on their way to the United States.

I met him at a gathering of UFO contactees and suggested a drink when it was over. I expressed my surprise at his interest in the event, which I had regarded as a complete waste of time. He asked me to clarify this judgment, and I said that in my opinion none of the people in attendance knew anything about science.

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Then he posed a question that, obvious as it seems had not really occurred to me: "What makes YOll think that UFOs are a scientific problem? First, he said, science had certain rules. For example, it has to assume that the phenomenon it is observing is natural in origin rather than artificial and possibly biased.. Now, the UFO phenomenon could be controlled by alien beings, "Iflt is," added the Major, "then the study of it doesn't belong i 11 science. It belongs in Intelligence.

And that, he pointed out, was his domain. In science there is no concept of the 'price' of information. Suppose I gave you 95 per cent of the data concerning a phenomenon. You're happy because you know 95 per cent of the phenomenon. Not so in Intelligence, If I get 95 per cent of the data, I know this is the 'cheap' part of the inlorrnation.

I still need the other 5 per cent, but I will have to pay a much higher price to get it. You see, Hitler had 95 per cent of the information about the landing in Normandy.. But he had the wrong 95 per cent! If they know what they're doing, there will be so many cutouts between you and them that you won't have the slightest chance of tracing your way to the truth. Not by following up sightings and throwing them into a computer.

It is the UFOs themselves! I might as well dump my computer into a river," "Not necessarily but you should try a different approach. In Intelligence circles, people like that are historical necessities. When you've worked long enough for Uncle Sam, you know he is involved in a lot of strange things. The data these groups get are biased at the source, but they playa useful role. Have you ever felt that you were getting close to something that didn't seem to fit any rational pattern, yet gave you a strong impression that it was significant?

He looked at me in a strange way and said: '1 would follow that track seriously if I were you. Within a year I had filled a shelf with curious books and pamphlets about these heretics of the past and their beliefs. They provide a model for the modern cults dedicated to space visitors.. I did research on two fronts: day after day I learned more from my dusty books about the antics of the old magicians, and I also attended meetings and seances of the modern conractees, I pondered their significance until they became suspicious of me and decided that I must be a Venusian - but by then I knew enough to describe their beliefs clearly, I had heard what they had to say, and a curious tale it was, a space-opera woven with prophetic inspiration, a diatribe against modern life through which the wind of forgotten traditions blows.

Now that we have adopted you, we will never forsake you. The fi rst opportunity to try this new approach presented itself with the appearance in the Western United States of a new contactee movement that recruited UFO passengers. It taught me a serious lesson: such a group can acquire very significant power over apparently ' rational" people. I had not suspected their work could be so fast, or so easy.

It was in observing this group, too, that I realized how completely it could control the believers' lives. In August , a friend had called my attention to a one The statement - entitled simply What's Up? The text was signed by flying-saucer believers who called themselves H. They compare this period of overcoming their human nature to the metamorphic process of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly.

They are looking to a nameless man and woman who say that they have incarnated from that next level to assist Earth's "graduating class. This is one of the characteristics of a member of that next kingdom. These two and their followers say they will physically leave the planet within months. The new graduates then expect to take their place as beginners in a realm of individuals whose privilege it is to oversee the Earth's production of future graduates.

There would be a meeting, the flyer concluded, on Wednesday, August 13, at p. The Bechtel Center is an old house set among the trees near the Faculty Club. Typical of contactee literature is this poster, which was widely distributed in the San Francisco area by the H. View Larger Image. Ask Seller a Question. Publisher: Bantam Books, New York. Acknowledges the big, the not so big, and even the dubious achievements of Jews in nearly every field of human endeavor, featuring hundreds of lists and biographical notes for all entries. Visit Seller's Storefront. International rates vary by country.

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Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults
Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults
Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults
Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults
Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults
Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults
Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults

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