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Bonafides secured, she proceeded to plunder the trust of her business partners and allies. Wall Street Journal reporter John Carreyrou unearthed detail after damning detail on the ways in which Holmes misled her employees, investors, and customers in blindered pursuit of a multi-purpose test that could be run on one paltry drop of blood.

Time and again she rejected technical compromises that might have saved her company. Worst of all, she allowed the company to send out incorrect test results that endangered patients. The reality is that her business partners didn't just buy a technology, they bought a chance to bask in the starshine of a youthful visionary. If eggplant emoji make you blush, this title may not be for you.

A human-computer interaction researcher, Devlin uses a long, lurid history of humans fornicating with foreign objects to set the stage for a thoughtful meditation on the increasingly complicated ethics of animatronic intimacy.

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In her wide-ranging look at the past, present, and future of sex robots, Devlin brings academic research to life through personal tales from the frontiers of mechanical love and lust. With charm and wit she tackles thorny issues like computer-programmed consent, nascent bot consciousness, and whether sex robots could lead to more sexual violence against flesh-and-blood humans. Black holes are the goth kids of the universe. But in the paradoxical nihilism of black holes, we might discover the biggest, grandest truths about the universe.

For all that the existence of black holes is common knowledge, strikingly little is known about them. So a group of astronomers set out to try to snap a picture of the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way. That means forging an alliance between several existing radio telescopes, upgrading them with new instruments, and uniting them using a technique called very long baseline interferometry. So they keep searching for hints that somewhere, somehow, everything that falls in finds a way to sneak back out. Even around black holes, hope springs eternal. Regardless of how you feel personally about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the self-report questionnaire that translates Jungian psychological models into 16 permutations of human personality, there is no denying its enduring influence on modern life.

They do so out of personal interest, but also for things like work and school, to assess their tendency toward extraversion E or introversion I , sensing S or intuiting N , thinking T or feeling F , and judging J or perceiving P. It was Briggs, we learn, who developed the indicator's outlines, but it was Myers who filled it in, championed it, named it, and marketed it to companies as a way to recruit, screen, and manage employees.

That corporate practice, and the indicator itself, have been widely criticized as reductionist and ineffective a criticism, we learn, that was shared in part by Briggs. This has not, however, kept the MBTI industry from flourishing. Neither does it prevent Emre's own skepticism from softening in the course of her research.

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Truth is stranger than fiction, the old cliche goes. Just look at modern American politics. But out in nature, parasites are actually zombifying their hosts in far more horrifying and complex ways. In Plight of the Living Dead , I explore the strange new science of zombification, which turns out to be extremely common across the tree of life. Take, for instance, the jewel wasp, which can tackle a cockroach and drive her stinger through its neck and into its brain.

She feels around for two specific regions that govern locomotion and loads them with venom. When she pulls her stinger out, the roach stands there stupefied, creating a perfect opportunity for the wasp to lead it into a burrow. The insanity doesn't end there. Eventually it drills into the body cavity and hollows it out, organ by organ, before pupating and emerging as an adult wasp. But we humans are safe, right? You've probably taken a personality test at some point, possibly just because you were interested, or maybe because it was mandated by a school or job.

Ten years later, the son reappears and is quickly admitted to a psychiatric facility where a Maya, a speech therapist, tries to get him to talk about what happened over the long decade he was gone, while also grappling with secrets in her own past.

Maeve Binchy

The story begins with Elsie, the wife of a missionary in India in the s. This gorgeous novel examines the complexities of the mother-daughter relationship. If you could invite anyone—dead or alive—to dinner, who would they be? That's a question asked during parties, in interviews, and now in Rebecca Serle's whimsical novel, The Dinner List.

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Just before Sabrina's 30th birthday party, she finds out she'll dine with her best friend, three people from her past, and Audrey Hepburn. This fun book will make readers reflect on friendship and lost love and how we remember the past. The McCloud siblings have lost everything— first their mother to childbirth, then their father to a Category 5 tornado. Tucker disappears, leaving the eldest, Darlene, to care for her two sisters. Three years later, Tucker, now a radical animal rights activist, reappears after bombing a local cosmetics factory to kidnap his 9-year-old sister, Cora.

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  8. Told by Darlene and Cora, Abby Geni's haunting literary thriller, The Wildlands , explores humans' relationships with nature and what drives a person to fanaticism. Eleven-year-old Wash is a slave on a sugar plantation when his master's brother—an enigmatic scientist and abolitionist—chooses him to be a personal assistant.

    After they have to flee the plantation in the night, a bounty is put on Wash's head.

    The Girl Story [Short Film - Hindi]

    In Washington Black , Esi Edugyan depicts how even as Wash leads an adventurous and boundary-pushing life, the risk of enslavement is never far behind. A riveting story about identity, slavery, and freedom. After the war, Juliet works a humdrum job at the BBC and believes the past is behind her when unusual happenings—old colleagues turning up on streets, a threatening note in the mail—can't be ignored. In Atkinson's quietly suspenseful novel, nothing is as it seems.

    At the start of Joyful , author and designer Ingrid Fetell Lee describes a struggling Albanian city that painted its buildings bright colors. Almost immediately, crime declined. People filled the sidewalks. This was in part because color, Lee writes, universally brings people joy.


    A few of the girls : [stories] - Killingly Library

    In her book, Lee names 10 "aesthetics of joy," from Energy things like color to Play round objects. Blending science and tips, Lee shows readers that looking outward—at flowers in a vase or fireworks in the sky—can brighten our days. When Clare arrives in Havana, Cuba, she is shocked to see her husband, Richard, who was killed in an accident only a month before. As she follows him through the island, the lines between what is real and what isn't start to blur, and Clare is brought on a highly unusual adventure, one that may be happening only in her mind.

    11 Fantastic Science Books to Binge Read

    When newly-divorced Virginia accepts a job in the information booth at Grand Central Terminal in New York, she only wants to make enough money to support herself and her daughter. What would you do if you came home to find another family had moved to your home? But when Fiona tries to sort out what could be happening, she realizes that both Bram and the boys are nowhere to be found. This heart-pounding thriller follows Fiona as she desperately hunts for answers and for her family, exposing how little she really knew about Bram along the way.

    Bestselling Series

    This fascinating investigation dives into the world of heart science and the scientists and doctors pushing medical progress further—at any cost necessary. Frances de Pontes Peebles's tender novel follows this unlikely friendship and the jealousy and rivalry that come with their pursuit of fame. Kya is left to fend for herself when her mom walks out on her family. Whilst the stories range in setting, the abiding settings and backgrounds of the characters as Ireland and the Irish is recognisable and remains a constant in many of the stories. Kiss Me Kate is like a love letter to Dublin when a new boyfriend falls in love with the central character at the same time as he falls in love with the city of Dublin.

    A couple of the stories, such as Giving Up Men , did seem a little rushed and not quite as complete a read as you would usually find with her stories, but overall, this collection is a treat for fans of Maeve Binchy's short, easy to read stories and ideal for dipping in and out of when you want a quick read. The hardback edition would make a lovely gift for a Maeve Binchy fan. Just send us an email and we'll put the best up on the site. Jump to: navigation , search.

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    A Few of the Girls: Stories A Few of the Girls: Stories
    A Few of the Girls: Stories A Few of the Girls: Stories
    A Few of the Girls: Stories A Few of the Girls: Stories
    A Few of the Girls: Stories A Few of the Girls: Stories
    A Few of the Girls: Stories A Few of the Girls: Stories
    A Few of the Girls: Stories A Few of the Girls: Stories
    A Few of the Girls: Stories A Few of the Girls: Stories

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