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That said, a majority of CH cats do not have seizures. For specific ideas, scroll to the blue tag cloud on the right and pick the topic that matches your interest. For example, you mentioned litter box tips. First, thanks for this wonderful blog, Amanda. We are currently fostering a very affectionate, fearless and totally enchanting 9-month old male neutered kitten named Josiah we call him Jo Jo.

He had an upper respiratory infection URI , and our shelter the Asheville Humane Society in Buncombe County, NC likes to put those cats in foster homes to reduce their own stress and to keep them from spreading the infection. We had isolated Jo Jo in my two-room bathroom, which has been good for other foster animals, We were able to visit him frequently and observe his progress.

When we took him back to the shelter for a med check up on his URI, we also told our foster care coordinator about his symptoms. She did not say anything to the medical staff who checked Jo Jo, but two separate groups both diagnosed him with CH. Her feeling was that he would have no problem finding a forever home! I already have my manageable limit of personal pets I foster because the shelter supplies any food, meds, etc for us and because we enjoy helping the shelter, meeting new animals and saving lives , or I would take Jo Jo in a heartbeat.

I feel confident that Jo Jo will find a home. His affectionate nature, good looks and charming personality are so apparent. I did tell the shelter that if they had problems finding him a permanent home, we would be happy to take him on long-term foster. I intend to give the shelter your blogsite so they can pass the information along to anyone who adopts Jo Jo so they will have a support community and avail themselves of the knowledge contained here.

Hi Jackie, Thanks for reaching out and sharing about Jo Jo! Best, Amanda. Hi, Amanda! Thanks for your reply. Is it possible that his CH may be attached to a reaction to doxycycline? Do you know anything about this? The shelter asked us if we could keep him a few more days because their medical department was booked solid for checkups today when we were supposed to return him. I told our foster coordinator what a hardship it would be for us — NOT! It will not be easy to take him back to go up for adoption, but we have as many animals as we can afford, and he deserves a home with lots and lots of attention.

I have a CH kitten, her name is Gypsy.

Signs and Messages From Animals in the Afterlife

I adopted her from a family member. I did not think anything was wrong with her, only that was just trying to adapt to her new surroundings. Until my sister looked up her condition, and found that she had all the symptoms of CH. Hi, I am thinking if getting a cat with CH however I am so worried..

How do I prevent her from trying to jump or walk up the stairs?! Thank you so much or your help. Hi Amanda! I adopted a rescued cat with CH a little over a year ago. I debated about doing so, because we have 14 stairs. However, Jiggles stole our hearts the moment we saw his video on line. I decided to let him do whatever he wanted, since using a baby gate did not stop him.

He can even climb up onto my rather high mattress by using his claws in the side of it, and generally loves to curl up in my bed at night, so I carry him downstairs in the morning. He is so very affectionate and looks at me with total love in his eyes. He falls a lot and struggles with diarrhea sometimes, but that has been made much better with high quality carrageeenan free, grain free canned food, and a product called Gentle Digest in he mornings.

These are probiotic capsules—just open one up and sprinkle. He has gained weight and his coat has improved. I also found him a special feeding dish that has a non skid rubber base that is really wide, so that he can step on it while he eats, for better traction, and we took a very large, deep litter pan and had someone cut out a larger opening in the front for easier access. He still has trouble keeping his balance in there, and will sometimes fall into his own poop and smear it around.

There is definitely a lot of accomodating on our part, but he is worth it, and I love him dearly. He totally gets along with our other rescue cat and small dog—they cuddle together all the time. The dog had been afraid of our old cat, who used to sneak up on him, but these two cats are so gentle, sweet and non threatening, he has become really fond of them.

Very very nervous, born in a shed, she had three or four siblings. Having watched her over time, she is about 18 weeks old and adorable, I have come to the conclusion that she might have CH. As long as she is happy, playing,eating,drinking and toileting, I am pleased as punch she is part of our family. Lovely to read other stories. Hi Julie, I just adopted a CH kitten who is 10 weeks old. She also had a tramatic early life, she was found under a tree hardly living. She was nursed back to life and is doing great. Does that worry you or do you think they are perfectly okay?

I have a few suggestions on the blog that may help. I know many CH cat parents also figure out ways to make life easier for their cats along the way. In hind sight, I think they mistook ch for nervousness. Just wanted to thank you for your excellent advice. I rescued three little girls from a litter of 5 found in a squat. Mum was pregnant again so the shelter wanted to rehome them quickly. I originally took two kits who both seemed fine. I agreed to take the third a week later — she arrived skinny, shaky and weak and would not take any solid food.

Although I have had many cats over the years I had never heard of CH and thought her wobbly gait and shaking was due to her frail state. After four days of hand feeding and lots of cuddles she became stronger and more confident and began playing with her siblings — this is when I realised that the constant falling down was not because she was undernourished but something more serious. I googled for various causes and found your blog — this is just how she is!! Actually I was relieved as at least this is not life threatening or infectious to the others.

I had it confirmed at the vets today and I see no problems going forward she will get all the love and care she needs. Hi I have a kitten that is about 2 months old and has this disorder it is very mild though she gets around fine although sometimes falls over. She literally is the sweetest cat ive ever owned but unfortunately I cant keep her I need to find her a home asap!! I live in shippensburg pa.. I just today adopted a 2 yr old female with CH. Her name is Tumbles. The previous owners made some life changes that wld no longer allow them to keep Tumbles.

I work in the medical field and therefor im already sympathetic to humans who have special needs. In all of my life I never knew that an animal could develop a disability that is the human equivalent of CP. And being in the field, reaching the age of 33, meeting people with different stages of the disability, i know this can range from mild to severe. I believe Tumbles to have a more moderate level of CH, but I swear this is the most adorable thing I have ever seen.

Now after reading this I am ecstatic that its a great possibilty that Ill have lots more years with her. Ten minutes into bringing her home, we were laying in the floor together cuddling. Im in love! It is so heartbreaking to watch her walk and fall down knowing that there isnt anything I can do to make it go away, but it also fills my heart with so much joy at the same time, because I know that her life has never been easy and she keeps on trucking.

She falls down and gets back up to do it all over again. I am picking up our Cerebellar Hypoplasia kitty on Thursday and would love to have any advise on how best to care for our newest family member! Her tremor is slight in her head but more noticible in her walk. Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions! Hi Kat! Congrats on your new family member! This blog is FULL of tips and tricks that can help out your little one. I have a cat that looks like a Maine Coon. She was a stray kitten that moved in with us and is now about 1.

She is on the small side but seems healthy with one exception. Once she realizes this is happening, she will grab the hind legs, lick them and then everything seems to be ok. Hi there. I have seen that all these cats are the similar breed. My kitten is very wobbly and he does look like his drunk most of my friends have picked up on it too I thought he may of had something wrong with his leg or hips.

I put into google exactly what he does and how he walk and this was the first thing that was on the page. I watched the video of charley. My cat walks just like charley and they look like the same breed too. I feel a bit more happier knowing that my cat will be fine but to be on the safe side I think I should just go to the vet to get him all checked out and to confirm that he does have CH, thank u for all the information that is on this website.

My neice found a feral kitten and took him home, he was only about 3 to 4 weeks old. After about a week of feeding him kitten milk etc. He was always very wobbly on his feet but we thought it was due to him being so young. Once he turned about 12 to 14 weeks it was obvious something was wrong. She took him to the Vet and the Vet diagnosed him with Cerebell Hyperplasia. She decided she no longer wanted him so she took him to a Shelter. Let me tell you it was the best thing I have ever done. The funny thing is as much as I love him he only just likes me but he loves my husband and my husband loves him.

He was a blessing. We have 2 acres in the country and he goes on walks with the dogs every day. They do learn to climb but they never go on your kitchen counters or places whear you might otherwise not want the cat to be. I hope to have at least another 5 or 6 years with him. My partner and I just adopted a 5 month old CH kitten. He is classified as severe. We are looking for a harness that we can help him walk with to keep strength in his back legs that might eventually be attached to a walker to help him be more mobile on his own.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks so much! If a cat has this condition could it not show up till later on??? My cat is 4 and he seems to have this condition but was fine prior to this. The only thing that showed up since we adopted him from a shelter as a kitten was trembling eyes or eyes shaking when looking at things. Also one pupils as and is larger then the other one.

Thanks for any information. Have you visited your vet? I believe we adopted a CH cat just recently. The day we brought her home, as she was exploring her new home, she started to walk hunched over with that tell tale gait and kept flopping over. Took her to the vet the next day, everything checked out fine. Then we noticed a pattern of excitement and trouble with walking and balance. Return response to normal behavior was less than 5 minutes. Does this sound like a mild case of CH to you?

I have had my sweet Ellie for almost 2 years now. She was pregnant and had the litter and Ellie was part of this litter. Any way, this little girl is my baby and has brought me so much happiness. I also have a normal cat Sir and though he is grumpy, he always looking out for Ellie. Though the ones with severe CH require a lot more attention, the reward is sooo worth it. They rely on them to walk, climb and catch themselves when they fall. And I love your blog!!!! I do allow Tumbles outside. Supervised only of course.

But we have developed some simple commands that she responds very well to. Her name and a tap on my thigh will have her follow me one way. And if all else fails i always carry a bag of catnip treats. She does not refuse them. She would powerglide against four lawns for catnip. Absolutely do not declaw them. I still have Tumbles after adopting her back in november and wldnt change her for the world. I love it when she follows me around.

And i love when she talks to me. She is also a stickler for her treats. Her favorite is catnip. And Tumbles has come around quite a lot in the past 6 months. Couldnt imagine life without her. This is a brief update on Jo-Jo, who may or may not have CH. We had been fostering him for our animal shelter while he had an upper respiratory infection. When he finished his antibiotics, his wobbling decreased significantly. He is still clumsy, often misses an intended landing place and his back legs splay outwards a little — so I think he may only have a mild form of CH.

Two different medical staff members diagnosed it at the shelter, so I think that is what he has. Anyway — Jo Jo is ours! We talked and talked and talked and finally realized we could not give him up. The shelter was happy to let us adopt him and, when we took him to our vet for his free wellness checkup a perk from the shelter for adoptions , Dr. We are so glad we decided we had room for one more. Thanks again for your great blog. My cat had kittens and one was born this way. She flops over and wobbles when she walks. I thought she had something that would require her to be euthanized.

Now i have decided to keep her because of the information you shared. Thank you. She goes to the vet tomorrow for first check up and shots. We adopted Twitch when he was a kitten from our local animal shelter, after doing a little research on his condition. His case was more severe, but we read that they adapt and require just a bit more care at least when young.

He is now going on 4 years old and is such a special guy…we have no regrets whatsoever. He is incredibly happy and affectionate. The only thing I do is pile up his wet food in the morning on a soft flat surface …. Today, we buried Huey, our CH cat. We were lucky to have had him for nearly 13 years. Huey had a great life, and handled every challenging situation with intelligence and aplomb. We furnished our home with ramps and steps to make nearly every surface accessible to him, and he got around. Nothing stopped Huey.

He was an indoor-outdoor cat, and was a great mouser, He marshaled his energy to pounce like any other cat might, with telling success. Always friendly,he was loved by our neighbors who often found him sunning himself on their decks. I am glad to know that you are giving a loving home to some wonderful little creatures with special challenges, and perhaps special gifts.

What a wonderful site!! We are making arrangements to adopt a CH kitten, so it is really lovely to get some input from other CH owners! My daughter is a sickly child who has home-schooled, so we feel that we can give the new baby the time she needs. We already have one disabled cat. I had a CD cat which I just lost. He was the greatest cat i ever had. The thing is he also had other things wrong with him. His fround legs were deformed and short so he looked like a dragster going down the race track.

I adopted him about a year and a half a go and he had really come a long way from when i got him. He was about 2 years old when i brought him home and he did not even know how to eat by himself. I had to hand feed him. He had so much wrong with him that we did not know about untill just recently when he developed stones or crystals. Even all his insides were all deformed. The vets did every thing they could to save him but he lost the battle on Good Friday. He passed on his own and i miss him so very much.

He very lovable and it was like he know i was there to help him servive. I will never forget him and will always miss him very much. I adopted my cat, Cosette, from my barn. We take in cats from shelters that are on the euthanasia list. I love her very much and have had her for almost 2 years.

She shows all the signs of CH but has never been diagnosed. What throws me off is her fecal incontinence, she just seems to have no control. Is this a symptom of CH or could she have something else? Its Tumbles mommy! So i just wanted to update everyone. We have hit the 6 month mark of her coming to live with us.

I have been able to have her vetted. The vet reccommended botox injections. To me that idea is just obsurd.

I am not going to put Tumbles through something so temporary. He did say that she does have a more moderate form of CH but let me tell you what 6 months has taught me. The capacity of one living being to love another, even in sickness. I didnt necessarily want a cat. Tumbles is no different than one of my children. Losing her would devastate me on the same level. She has learned to climb the stairs, which scares the bejeezus out of me because she cannot come down them and she tends to be impatient.

She sleeps in her little kitty bed right next to me and if she wakes up before me in the morning i MUST get out of bed and place her in the living room window to bird and squirrel watch. I had to switch hours at work. I couldnt work third shift any longer. The kids got so angry because my Tumbles refused to sleep. She would meow all night long. All through the house. While i was at work. I didnt actually believe that but when I would come in at am Tumbles would be right at the front door and with such an attitude! Also if i get out of bed in the middle of the night to use the restroom, i kid you not as soon as my feet hit the stairway the meowing begins.

If i step outside away from her meow meow meow. I think its adorable. The kids think its annoying. The other children can pet her but she doesnt allow them to actually cuddle her or hold her. She is such a sassy little diva but she fits right in with my daughters! I thank God everyday for bringing me Tumbles. I am in the process of adopting a kitten with mild CH. He will be coming home in a few weeks after he gets fixed. I am in the process of getting some high sided litter boxes, but I am wondering if there is anything else I should do to prepare.

His mobility is pretty good, He runs and jumps, but not very high. I know he is also a climber, so most of the places he would want to go are climbable. Any suggestions would be welcome! I have a kitten that is about 6 months old now that I am fostering. For the first few months he had been fine, but now he seems to be having the symptoms of ch. Could he possibly have ch? If we ever get another cat, I want one like him, with CH. They make better pets than regular cats! Do CH cats lose use of their total movement of front legs? My name is Beth. And I adopted a cat with CH. Her near is Tinkerbelle.

We were looking for another cat to keep my boy cat company. About 5 years ago I went to the humane society. Went to the cat room. I saw so many cats there, but there was this calico kitty on the floor meowing at me. Like she was saying. Hi pet me! She was so cute. So I started to pet her. I fell in love with this cat. I walked away so I can look at other cats. Then all of a sudden she starts wobbling toward me. At first, I thought she might of been on some medication or something.

Well my friend went to ask someone what was wrong with her. My friend came back and told me that she has the wobbles, CH. Never her of it. Well the place was about to close. I fell in love with her, but I was not sure how my other cat would react and I had no idea what CH was. My friend told me lets do some research. We did. Well I had to work the next day. My friend called me at work and told me to come out. I did. Looked in the car and saw case in the front seat. Tinkerbells head popped out. I picked her up in my arms and started to kiss her.

That was one of the best days of my life. CH cats are the best cats.

What is Feline Cerebellar Hypoplasia?

What a lovely blog. My kitten who is one of four has been diagnosed with ch. So many of my frienfs think it will be kinfer yo put him to sleep. No way, he has just as fun ad his 3 btothers and sisters. At 4 weeks he is already developing a lovely petsonality. He was gping to be adopted but theysaid no.

Their loss totally. Thank you for all the information. This blog was—and continues to be— super helpful in helping both of us adjust to various challenges. I love him to bits! Enjoy, and feel free to share. Could this be the same as what Charlie was diagnosed with? My mom found a 6 to 8 week old stray kitten at her work, the mother has shunned it and my mom fell in love with her. She looks like a bobble head so we have named her Bobber. Is there anything I can do to help her.

I would like to give her the best forever home here I can give her. My kitten loses her balance and she just started doing this also she sleeps a lot too,what do I do to make her comfortable? I am the human mommy of a 4 week old calico kitty we call Hope. She has an amazing spirit, she is so lovable and she tries so hard to keep up with her 3 other siblings. I think her condition is from being born last… 18 hours after her last brother. I have been told that after 8 hours of labor the risk of problems increase. She is such a joy and I say adopt a special needs pet. Our cat Doughnut was a mangled mess when he was born, but over a 3 month period his back legs straightened and he learnt to walk and now 2 years down the line he can even jump onto the bed.

I also work for the Trauma 1 Unit. Like someone whose surgical graft tore loose and caused havov for him. We have a CH cat named Deuce, he is great. Our other cats have normal appetites and go back a number of times to finish, deuce will eat it all like a dog and then beg for more. I was wondering if anyone else has this issue with their CH kitty or if my guy is just a gluten? Just adopted 2 CH kittens from a local rescue. They are an absolute riot! We have decided to adopt a little kitty with CH and his brother so that they can stay together of course we absolutely love them too.

I am wondering if you have any advice on how we should go about introducing them? I have a permanent foster kitty named Lexi. She is so sweet and after getting her home she has made her way and seems to me to be gaining much better coordination after walking on our carpets and not laying there on a hammock and trying to feed herself with all the other cats around. She is a loving and funny cat and is so sweet. She amazes me each day with her no nonsense, I can laugh at myself attitude. We are so blessed with this little girl. I have found her trying to climb on the sofa and it just tickles me that we can assist this beautiful creature to have a better life.

She adores my other cat Ash and he knows that if he sticks with her he gets more good food!! I have 5 other cats and other then them either avoiding her or a bit of hissing she is well received. I am so grateful this doll has ended up with me! I so adore her and am glad that she has this opportunity to become her best self! We can all take advise from her. Apparently I have a CH kitten.

What is Feline Cerebellar Hypoplasia? | Life with Cerebellar Hypoplasia Cats

The property we live at here in Oregon had cats ferals I found out after a few years and I am working at trapping and sterilizing them. Got a batch this year and it was a bad one. Lost most of them to some kind of URI. Anyway, tended to the kittens in their cage one night. All was fine. They were climbing and running around and batting at me as I cleaned out the potty box. Next morning I found that one of them had went down and was not getting back up.

Went to the vet after she did not get better after ear meds. But doing some reading on it, I guess it CAN happen that late in life for them. We started building custom Kitty Kastles out of old styled entertainment centers. We did not know anything about a kitten with this disability. My husband and I were fostering 12 kittens and ours was one of them. My husband fell in love with her.

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When she was the last one and no one wanted her he spoke up. She is now his and has and our first adopted kitten has a great playmate. They are so cute and play like nothing was ever wrong. I had two kittens with it. One ran away and the other one I fed him raw meat, no cooked food. One day he ate half a london broil. He finally got over it, I also loved him , he was so affectionate, and he loved to sleep next to me like a puppy.

Yu could actually hug him and go to sleep , he didnt mind. One day he looked at me and pawed my cheek through the fence. Today he is cured and he is so muscular his nicknames are: sack of potatoes, the 18 lb kitten , mighty joe young He weighs a ton and he is not fat. Solid as a rock and not wobbly at all. My cat has CH. Extremely bad. Hes so blistered down there! Constantly n everywhere. Lately hes been having seizures. He used to not. They happen several times a day.

Please give me sum advise!! Please take him now!! They can be left in horrible pain and have problems in the future. Please read up on it. I am in rescue and 4 weeks ago a single kitten was turned into our local Petco. At 2 weeks she seemed a normal kitten a little wobbly learning how to get on her feet. Now at 6 weeks it is very apparent that something is not right.

They are so alike in so many different ways Cassie is just better at it because she has been doing it longer. Little one I have not found the right name yet is a great climber to a certain point at 6 weeks. I am in the process of weaning her started yesterday and she does face plants into the bowl. Have not introduced water yet because of that fact and still bottle feeding to make sure she gets plenty of fluids.

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I forgot to mention when I picked her up she was very sick. Looked like and URI and severely dehydrated. Took 14 days of biomox and ml of fluids to pull her thru but I did. She is a love and is very attentive and interactive as most kittens are a 6 weeks. I have given her a stuffed bunny to bully and she just attacks and plays. They do not need to die. They can have normal kitty lives. Cassie and little one are proof.

Being in rescue she is only the 2nd one I have come across so that tells you how rare it is. I have been in rescue since I moved into an apartment that had four kittens on the back porch. One tortuous shell kitten could only pull herself across the grass and had problems getting food etc. There was another one that, I call tinker, that dances. I found it on Face Book with the cutest video. Thank you so much for this site. I know know what is going on. Missy now can walk, but falls a lot. She shakes when she gets excited eating. I think she remembers not getting enough food.

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The other two kittens disappeared and that,s when they permanently came into my home. II have learned if I reach down and touch her head and do a soft shh sound she relaxes and stops shaking. Mommy brought 4 more kittens to my back porch that do not have this problem. I am finding mommy and getting her spay as soon as I can. Again thank you for this and your kind heart. I am wobbling do to needing hip surgery, so Missy and I have a good understanding of each other. Perfect pair.

Hi I have a ch kitten called Misty. He was one of a litter of four. Two of his brothers have it too but the other one is normal. Misty has learned to get around quite well but falls over when he gets excited. He has gotten better as hes got older. He s six months now and learnt a lot from watching his Mother and brothers. Hes only been without them for the last month. Hes very independant but very loving and has me wrapped round his paw. I even recognise the tone of his cries and know exactly what he wants.

He struggles with using his litter tray and his food goes everywhere when he eats but I wouldnt change him for the world. As everyone knows I have a CH cat. Tumbles just turned 3 Sept 11th. She came to me that way a year ago. I originally had planned to only foster her because i feared she would be euthanized if she went to the humane society due to her disability.

When my daughter brought her home, all it took was one glance and i was so devastatingly heartbroken and in love that i knew Tumbles could never leave my side. One year later I am still totally in love with her. She sleeps in my bedroom, sometimes on my bed and sometimes in her own bed. She waits for me at the door when im gone and gets so excited when I return that she cannot run fast enough. She loves catnip, and it has an opposite affect on her than the other cats. They mellow out, she goes bananas. She will chase me with a string in tow around the house but will not play with anyone else.

She is a big cuddle baby with me but the center of attention with everyone else, she lures them in so easily and knows it, lol and then snubs her nose at them and walks away. She has developed so much more in the last year. I moved her litter box upstairs and she does sooo good climbing the stairs to get it, and does so much better coming down them.

She paws her way up the side of my bed to lay down and then paws her way down the foot of my bed to a pillow to get down.

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She really is so special to me. We have since found a happy medium. She is permitted on the front porch, secured extra well with baby gates. No morw grass hopping for her in the backyard. The rewards are immeasurable. We recently took in a CH kitten. She was 5 weeks old when we got her. Her mother was feral and abandoned her and her siblings. She has a mild case. Her siblings were far worse but all found good homes. A friend posted a picture on his fb page and said she needed a home.

My son and I instantly fell in love with her. We got her on a Friday. We were told previous to that that she had problems walking but I figured it was because she was young and had been outside. I took her to my vet the Tuesday after I got her. He looked at her and left the room. Next thing I knew his partner came in to evaluate her. At this point my heart is dropping and I am expecting the worst. They start talking and he is using big words.

I looked at him and said OK now in English. He said he was glad she found me because he has been my vet for 15 years and knows I go to great length for all my animals. I came home and started researching CH and found this website. It has been a God send. We dropper feed her for a few weeks and I made a rubber made littler box for her right away. She will not use it. Or the next one I made or the trainer one I bought or a regular one. She is 4 months old now. I have tried different litters.

I have tried rabbit bedding. I have tried Yesterdays News made for cats that have been spayed or neutered. I have tried pee pads both in the litter boxes and in the spots she likes to go. She just pulls them up and then goes on the carpet. I tried putting a pad and then an old piece of carpet in the home made litter box and she used it once.

If I hear her scratching I know she is getting ready to go but if I catch her and put her in one of the boxes she quits going. The vet suggesting locking her in the bathroom with food, water, her bed and a litter box. She sleeps in my sons room at night and never goes in his room I guess she considers his room her bed so one morning he woke up at 7am for school and put her right in the bathroom. At 5pm she still had not gone to the bathroom anywhere.

I let her out and she went right down the steps and peed on the carpet. The vet said it may be she will never get the connection. He told me to keep trying but to not get my hopes up. I am going to try to find the AH Clump and Seal litter recommended by someone on this site but if it does not work she will be in diapers. We love our Squeaks and will deal with it as best we can. Thank you for setting up this site which has helped me so much. It is very helpful to hear ideas and stories from other people with CH cats.

We adopted our CH kitten Twitch along with a normal cat Suki and brought them home the same day. Suki taught Twitch how to use the litter box. He just watched everything she did and tried to copy her. He still has a mishap here and there, but he is really good now. Thank you so much for the info… I do rescue and this is my first little kitty with this disorder… He is a mountain of love and personality and purrs so much.

He is at the vets now and I am hoping for the best. It only took a day but I am hopelessly in love with Moose. I have 3 other cats and she watches them but still has no interest in any of the litter boxes. I did make one out of one of the long under the bed rubber made containers. I cut out both ends so she could walk through and I lined it with pee pads and then put a piece of carpet over the pads. I am using left over pieces of carpet from remodeling our downstairs. I put it behind our couch because this is one of the areas she likes to go. Last night she went in it and peed.

I was so excited because it has been there since a day or two after we got her and the only time she used it was when we caught her going and put her in it. I gave her a treat and some extra love and a few minutes later she went in it and pooped. I again gave her treats and more love and thought this is it. We are getting it but then this morning she came down and peed on my carpet again. I will continue to give her treats when so goes in her special box and hopefully she will get it.

We found Squeaky almost 11 years ago in our yard. She was tiny, like a mouse. She is all of four pounds and runs the house. We joked that at first she thought her name was Oops, because that was what we said when she tipped over. She has gotten stronger over the years and is a perfect cat. She still tips over from time to time and walks with a sideways gait.

She had problems with her digestion as a kitty and she eats a prescription food. Squeaky is super affectionate, a good climber, and the best cat I have ever lived with. Does anybody know if it is common for a CH kitty to constantly lick himself? I am in the process of getting my guy checked out. Good luck with your guy. I bet it is nothing to be concerned about. We have a cat with CH that licks herself often but mostly when we pet her.

Please update me if you have found anything out about your cat. I will be taking ours to follow up with our vet. I have a CH kitty. She is obsessed with being clean. She flips and flops and licks all day long. I get some of the best giggles and love from her tho. She has no clue she has issues. This is true. They HATE getting their feet dirty. We use peepads. She uses these well! My husband and I have three cats with CH. I have been around cats by whole life and I found that cats with CH are the most lovable and sweetest.

The boy cat was actually scheduled to be put down until we adopted him. I find this crazy because his impairment is so minimal we sometimes forget he has CH. My oldest cat, who is also the most impaired, is truly amazing. Their sense of smell is 14 times better than that of humans.

These things may upset your feline friend. Humans have 9, taste buds. Cats have They make up for this deficiency with a superior sense of smell. Their most powerful response to food is through smell, not taste. From birth, touch is a primary source of affection for cats. They will groom each other and lay against one another from a very young age. Cats will often behave like kittens and start drooling or kneading when they are stroked. Each hair has many nerve endings and evokes a very clear response from the nervous system.

Their heart rate slows, their muscles loosen and their body relaxes. The more contact you have with a cat when he is young, the more likely he will enjoy human contact when older. Still, cats vary in how much they like to be pet or held. They will let you know when they have had enough. Cats who do not enjoy prolonged petting or being held will still play with their owners, follow them around the house, sleep on the bed with them, and even sit on laps.

They are embedded three times as deep as fur and translate the slightest contact to sensory cells at their roots.

Angel Cats: When feline friends touch hearts and change lives Angel Cats: When feline friends touch hearts and change lives
Angel Cats: When feline friends touch hearts and change lives Angel Cats: When feline friends touch hearts and change lives
Angel Cats: When feline friends touch hearts and change lives Angel Cats: When feline friends touch hearts and change lives
Angel Cats: When feline friends touch hearts and change lives Angel Cats: When feline friends touch hearts and change lives
Angel Cats: When feline friends touch hearts and change lives Angel Cats: When feline friends touch hearts and change lives
Angel Cats: When feline friends touch hearts and change lives Angel Cats: When feline friends touch hearts and change lives

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