Diseases of Tropical Fruit Crops

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A two-locus DNA sequence database for typing plant and human pathogens within the Fusarium oxysporum species complex. Fungal Genetics and Biology Status, impact and management of the major diseases of avocado. ANZAG program booklet. Tropical race 4 of Panama disease: Risk assessment and an action plan for the Western Hemisphere. OIRSA program booklet.


Martinez, J. Avocado, banana, carambola and mango are hosts of members of the sooty blotch and flyspeck complex. APS annual meeting. Fuzzy pedicel: A new disease of banana. Diversity in Colletotrichum gloeosporioides populations causing mango anthracnose exhibit unique host specialization. MSA annual meeting. Inoculum Ploetz, A. Churchill and A. Fusarium wilt: A banana disease that refuses to go away. O'Neill, C. Mango malformation was reported for the first time in Oman, and the causal agent was confirmed as Fusarium mangiferae.

In contrast, malformation was shown to be caused a new taxon, Fusarium sp.


A new host, Cordia sebestena, and continental record was reported for the tar spot pathogen, Diatractium cordianum. Uredo manilensis was reported for the first time in the Western Hemisphere, and a telial stage was reported for the pathogen for the first time on herbarium specimens from the Philippines and in the Florida outbreak. The impact and spread of two non-endemic banana diseases in the Caribbean Basin, black Sigatoka and Moko, were reviewed.

A new disease of Syzygium paniculatum, was described.


Diseases of Fruit Crops in Australia

Resistance to anthracnose of fruit of different mango cultivars was evaluated over 3 years, and the respective roles in the development of the foliar phase of this disease were assessed for Colletotrichum gloeosporioides and C. Population structure was evaluated for a new pathogen of the Lauraceae, Raffaelea lauricola.

Genetic and phenotypic diversity was reviewed for important banana pathogens, and a risk assessment was conducted for the most dangerous banana pathogens worldwide.

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Impacts Management of tropical fruit diseases relies on understandings of the nature of the respective pathogens and the epidemiology of the diseases they cause. Management principles were developed by generalizing these characteristics. Mango malformation is now known to be caused by at least four different taxa. The extent to which each pathogen influences management of this disease e.

Florida is impacted frequently by new diseases four were examined during this reporting period. Pathogen identification with DNA sequences is an increasingly important tool in monitoring and characterizing these outbreaks. Anthracnose is the most important disease of mango, but scant objective information exists on fruit resistance. Data on the responses of fruit and foliage of different cultivars to this disease will increase our understanding of anthracnose epidemiology and contribute to its management.

Laurel wilt, caused by Rafaellea lauricola, threatens the survival of Florida's avocado industry and would devastate production in California and elsewhere in the Americas e. Mexico if it spread to those areas it is currently ca km north of Florida's primary production areas in Dade County. Current research focuses on understanding genetic and pathogenic variation in the pathogen and identifying resistant cultivars that could be used when the disease arrives in Dade County. Ongoing work alerts producers of the TR4 threat and has developed an action plan for if and when the pathogen arrives in the Western Hemisphere.

Publications Kvas, M. Fusarium mangiferae associated with mango malformation in the Sultanate of Oman. European Journal of Plant Pathology Rodriguez-Alvarado, G. A new taxon of Fusarium associated with mango malformation in Michoacan, Mexico. Palmateer, A. First report of tar spot on orange geiger Cordia sebestena caused by Diatractium cordianum. Plant Disease Note First Report of Uredo manilensis in the Western Hemisphere. Plant Disease Note In press. Black Sigatoka and Moko: impact and spread of two destructive banana diseases in the Caribbean basin.

Caribbean Food Crops Society. Abstract Miami, Fl. A new disease of Syzygium paniculatum Myrtaceae. Abstract Phytopathology S Palmateer, J. Perez-Martinez Cating, R. Occurrence in the U. Tarnowski, Tara L.

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Assessment of fruit resistance to anthracnose in mango cultivars in south Florida. A multigene phylogeny of the biotypes of Moniliophthora perniciosa, causal agent of witches broom on cacao. Assessing the role of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides and C. Population studies of a newly introduced species of Raffaelea causing laurel wilt disease in the southeastern United States.

Pathogen diversity: Contributions to applied and basic banana research. Acta Horticulturae In press. Assessing threats that are posed by destructive banana pathogens. Tropical Agriculture. Encyclopedia of Life Sciences.

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Published online. The types and uses of diversity data for banana pathogens were discussed at an international symposium on the crop, with major emphases on pathogen quarantine, interdiction and management. Threat prioritization and resource allocation were among the topics covered. The presentations reached an international audience at the symposium, and will be published in a proceedings. The following results and syntheses were published in peer-reviewed international journals. The origins, evolution and management was reviewed for major diseases of tropical perennial crops.

Primary global threats to cacao chocolate production were outlined in a paper that introduced an international symposium on cacao diseases; they were also summarized in the print media and in radio interviews. The cause was reported for an emerging, lethal disease of mango in the Middle East, and its relationship to another lethal disease in Brazil was investigated.

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  • New diseases were reported for pitaya and roselle in the United States. Causes of new diseases on mango, pitaya and roselle were identified and characterized, enabling enhanced management. Awareness was raised among scientists and lay audiences of the current and potential impact of cacao diseases worldwide. Risk assessment for different banana diseases by the CGIAR entity responsible for these commodities, Bioversity, will be guided by criteria outlined at the symposium in South Africa.

    Wider recognition of the cause of the mango disease in the Middle East previously confused will allow assessment of its spread in the region and will assist efforts to determine the pathogen's source and examine its epidemiology. A closely related disease in Brazil threatens production in the Western Hemisphere. Banana and plantain-an overview with emphasis on Pacific Island cultivars in the Musaceae banana family. Diseases of tropical perennial crops: Challenging problems in diverse environments. Cacao diseases: Important threats to chocolate production worldwide. Like most websites we use cookies.

    This is to ensure that we give you the best experience possible. If you would like to, you can learn more about the cookies we use. Comprehensive information on diseases of the most important tropical fruit cropsChapters are devoted to a single or, in some cases, a related group of host plantsThe history, distribution, importance, symptoms, aetiology, epidemiology and management of diseases of each crop are described in detailThis book offers a comprehensive review of diseases of important tropical and some subtropical fruit crops.

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    Disease Identification. Farmer's Guide Series. Food Safety and Security.

    Diseases of Tropical Fruit Crops Diseases of Tropical Fruit Crops
    Diseases of Tropical Fruit Crops Diseases of Tropical Fruit Crops
    Diseases of Tropical Fruit Crops Diseases of Tropical Fruit Crops
    Diseases of Tropical Fruit Crops Diseases of Tropical Fruit Crops
    Diseases of Tropical Fruit Crops Diseases of Tropical Fruit Crops
    Diseases of Tropical Fruit Crops Diseases of Tropical Fruit Crops
    Diseases of Tropical Fruit Crops Diseases of Tropical Fruit Crops

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