World Records to Wow You!

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Aussies Wow in World-Record Pace | Swimming Australia

Why do we celebrate Halloween? What's your favorite wonder? How do you do questions on Wonderopolis? Do you have a cat? Do you have any brothers or sister? Well I have one sister and two brothers.

How to experience 15 world records in 4 days (in the UAE)

I'm in Mrs. Phillp's 2nd grade class. We think your ideas would make great future Wonders of the Day. We can answer some of them for you now, though! It is hard to pick one favorite!

The Guinness World Record Attempt rules

There are many cool people who work here in Wonderopolis. Some of us have siblings and pets, and some don't. We have many, many Wonder Friends, though Did you also know that you can tell us what you're wondering any time you like? It's super easy! Just click on the "nominate" link at the top of every page in Wonderopolis and fill in the boxes! I think my teacher, Miss Shoemaker, told you about me and my classmates wondering something about hail with storms or something like that.

Well, I was wondering if it were you without a video, how would you give me the details? Hi, Tman! The video is an important part of each Wonder, because it helps our Wonder Friends "see" something that relates to that Wonder. Thanks so much for commenting today!

Wonderopolis, thank you for showing me that video of wonder The baby in that video was cute. That was also funny when the baby made her sour face. We're so glad that you liked the video for Wonder , Tman! Did you learn a lot about why lemons are sour? Hello, Wonderopolis! I really LOVE your website. I like how you have a wonder of the day. I was wondering why we have stars in space? How many colors are there?

World of Warcraft Level 1-100 In 2 Hours and 14 Minutes WORLD RECORD

How many languages are there? I hope that you can answer these questions. Sincerly, Rylie. Hi there, Rylie! Those are some really awesome questions! We think it's great that you enjoy visiting Wonderopolis! I wanted to add this to my original comment, but i forgot. How about you set a record called "World Longest Wonderopolis Wonder" ha, ha. That would be a really fun record to set, wouldn't it, Colin? Thanks so much for suggesting it!

Love the wonder! I used to always read the Guinness World Records books! I loved them! Most of those costumes bring back memories from when I was really little and I loved super heroes! Thanks for sharing how the costumes in today's Wonder video made you think about when you were younger! Thank you for another great wonder.

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Thank YOU for letting us know you liked the video for today's Wonder, cherigurl! Thank you for explaining what setting a world record means! We read Llama Llama Red Pajama today! We are excited to help break a record! We read it online so hopefully we will help break TWO world records. Thank you! We were very excited about helping break a record, too!

Thank you for your Wonderful Wonderopolis. My class opens each morning with your site. My students love learning through your site. Thank you so much for encouraging them to visit each day, and also for helping us attempt today's World Record! It was a lot of fun, wasn't it? Thanks, I am going to try and break the world record for most time in a headstand.

You should do a wonder on Steve Jobs because he died of pancreatic cancer yesterday. Also, please keep us posted on your attempt to break a World Record Woo, hoo! That is very interesting! I've always wondered how people get world records! And how did he come up with the idea at such a young age?

Hi, E. Those are great questions about Mr. It is very sad that he died yesterday Thanks so much for your comment today! Man, I hope I will one day set a world record! Thanks for helping me to get to the websites to help me fulfill that dream! You bet, Nick! You'll have to keep us updated on which World Record you attempt to break! We'd love to hear all about your adventure! I've always been wanting to break a world record. Of what you ask? To drink the most lemon juice in a set amount of time!

I know weird Your Wonder Friend-Jonah. We think that sounds like a really cool record to try to break, Jonah! It sounds like it might be a pretty tart and sour adventure, too! Thanks so much for visiting Wonderopolis today! I really love this website! Lots of my students get on it in their free time instead of computer games, and I have also shared this with teachers! Thank you so much for letting us know how much you like Wonderopolis, Ashlyn, and also for encouraging others to visit!

Happy B-Day. Sorry about the late happy birthday. I love looking at the Wonders of the day. I just wonder how come we only have 5 senses. Can you please answer my wonder? Hey, Tman! Here is a past Wonder about ONE of the five senses This is going to be so much fun! Thank you for sharing this with us. I am a school librarian and have shared the news with all of our teachers.

I love this site! Hey, Wonder Friends! Before you submit your comment, please remember:. Comments are subject to approval and may not be published if they are not appropriate for the Wonder discussion. Drag a word to its definition. You have answered 0 of 3 questions correctly and your score is:. Want to add a little wonder to your website? Help spread the wonder of families learning together. We sent you SMS, for complete subscription please reply. Follow Twitter Instagram Facebook. How do you set a world record? Can anyone set or break a world record? How many categories of world records are there?

Wonder What's Next? Try It Out Are you ready to set a new world record? Be sure to check out the following activities with a friend or family member: Are you the best at something? Make a list of all the things that you believe you're really good at. Give your list some thought and seek input from friends and family members. Of all the things you're good at, what are you the best at? Given the things you do really well, what types of world records might you be able to set?

Hint: it doesn't have to be a real world record category. You can make up your own!

World Records to Wow You!

Visit the Guinness World Records website online. Have fun browsing through the many different categories of world records. What is the weirdest world record you can find? Are there any world records you think you could break? Share some of the most interesting world records you find with a friend. Take a field trip to your local library. Ask a librarian to show you their collection of Guinness World Record books. Find books from different years and compare the listings for similar categories for different years.

Which records have stood the test of time? Which are broken frequently? Did you get it? Test your knowledge. Wonder Words ultimate feat method professionalism determination database best adults break holder honest athlete expert respect inquiries endeavor categories achieve Take the Wonder Word Challenge. Join the Discussion. Wonderopolis Nov 30, That's awesome!! How many marshmallows is that?? Wonderopolis May 11, Wonderopolis Apr 18, Xavier Jun 17, This article taught me that you can do anything you want to do and achieve it.

Wonderopolis Jun 17, We're so glad you learned something new with us, Xavier! Thank you for commenting. Jaheim Mar 2, Wonderopolis Mar 3, Todd Jan 16, Wonderopolis Feb 19, Tucker in Mrs. Nichols' class Jan 31, Wonderopolis Jan 31, Nichols class Jan 31, That was a lot of super heroes. Who was that lady? Nichol's class Jan 31, Reports indicate that she has set a time of 30 hours 31 minutes, which would beat the 24hour minimum and set a new Guinness World Records title. We now await the evidence from Hecaterina so that we can recognise the claim.

She sometimes described as being Japanese, but she say s she hasn't been there yet. She usually dresses in her "lolita" outfit, from Japanese fashion subculture of the same name that borrows from Victorian-style dress. Guinness World Records tells you that you've got to have a steward, which in my previous record was the guy who had to fed me, put eyedrops on my eyes while playing…all that stuff LOL.

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I was happy that my previous steward was really caring, but this time I don't know how my new steward is going to be…so my goal is going to be playing more than 48 hours this time and I hope the server won't go down! And Indian gamer Chirantan Patnik once spent 40 hours and 20 minutes playing non-stop. So there's a lot of competition in the endurance games world.

World Records to Wow You! World Records to Wow You!
World Records to Wow You! World Records to Wow You!
World Records to Wow You! World Records to Wow You!
World Records to Wow You! World Records to Wow You!
World Records to Wow You! World Records to Wow You!
World Records to Wow You! World Records to Wow You!

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