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The Power of Going Within - The Hidden Self Chapter 1

Search our Web site:. The final definition of man.

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And with this definition It's useful to keep the "back of the book" answer in mind. Throughout history, in every part of the world, everyone who has ever awakened to the true nature of Reality reports the same thing: The person you think yourself to be does not exist—there is no world, there are no people. Step 1 is intuiting, or hearing and believing, that all answers lie within. If you're fortunate, this intuition or belief will also include the understanding that you don't find the answer but become it.

Death is inside each of us. I don't mean that we will all die one day. I knew I was hitting a rock bottom.

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  7. Sinking into it with wild abandon. And guess what? I completely threw up my hands in surrender. I knew that something in the universe was trying to get me to shut up, stop moving, and listen. It was awesome.

    Developing the Practice of Going Within

    I ate only oatmeal and rice cakes and veggie broth for at least a week because it was all my stomach could handle. And slowly, after the deep rest, my intuition began to guide me. Or should I say it continued to guide me. People have continued to share healing modalities and healers and treatments with me, but it just kept feeling off.

    Each time it feels like my energy is being sucked out of the very core of my being. It is not time for me to work with new healers or try any new treatments.

    Creative Genius: Emotions, Going Within, and Letting Go

    I began to start every day with a Joe Dispenza healing meditation. I forced myself to keep my phone on Airplane Mode until well into the afternoon. Every day. I started removing outside distractions and going within. I am doing at least two meditations a day, but I am also striving to life every moment in meditation. Life can be a meditation, our own personal heaven if we allow it to.

    We just have to get out of our own way, and detach from our minds. Every fiber of my being during these meditations tells me that I am my own healer. I have all of the answers. Detaching from my mind, the negative thoughts and the stories I have told myself for years and years, that is what will heal me. My mind will heal and my body will follow suit. I really, truly believe that we only get sick because we are being called to wake up.

    That can mean anything to you. I have become a deeply spiritual person, so to me waking up holds a very sacred and special meaning.

    Developing the Practice of Going Within

    To who you are inside! The real work is knowing that even if I were to be sick for the rest of my life, I would be okay. I am working on the constant act of surrender. In this guided journey we embrace what exists within and tap back into the wisdom that sits at the seat of our soul.

    What does it mean to go within?

    Unlike my Rise of the Phoenix meditation, this one is slower and more contemplative. Dakota Earth Cloud Walker. I've been guiding meditations for longer than I even truthfully remember. I used to love to take people on my "stories" and guide them through the landscape and heart space that I could so vividly see in my mind's eye. Nearly all my recorded meditations are done in single takes, meaning there is no editing or fluff. I don't do robo voices, or read from a script.

    Keeping You Connected!

    I like organic things. I like for it to be real, and in the moment. In this way the meditations tend to be guided by something bigger than me. Very often I don't know where a journey will lead until I am in it and nearly done.

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