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Both the assembly and paintjob are very well executed and stand out because of its efficiency and simplicity. Oscar has succeeded in giving this vehicle a captivating finish. This is a mid-run AFV from the Entwicklung series. David has made a few improvements which can be easily duplicated by anyone interested, adding a lot of interest to this kit. In this case, the highlight of this article resides in the paintjob and all the techniques and processes which David clearly explains: lights, hairspray technique, camouflage executed with masking, paint chips, dirt, splashes He not only explains this clearly, he also shows us a highly attractive kit.

We're sure that you will learn a lot from him. This magnificent kit comes from the other end of the world.

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Such spectacular kits are quite uncommon. Kreangkrai makes a tantalizing display of imagination, technique mastering and color. The result is this incredible Maus. As you know only two units were made and only one of these had an armed turret. This incredibly talented author was forced to leave historical fidelity aside in order to avoid choking his inspiration and he gives us this visual delight of a Maus in the "what if" domain which we hope that you'll enjoy as much as we did.

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Expert hands like his' have gotten the most out of this beast. As usual, he has placed his vehicle in a simple, yet beautiful diorama, full of different elements and small details which are quite relevant. Here you'll find all his "secrets" perfectly well explained with text and pictures. This is without question, well rounded work. In spite of the consensus against works with more than one author, Xavi and Michel decided to unite their talents to create this project.

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We can readily see how much fun they had with it. Having advantages both in firepower and in armour, Tiger I was "nearly invulnerable in a frontal engagement" against any of the Soviet tanks of that time. Wittmann thus could "kill its opponents long before they were close enough to inflict damage on his tank".

Historian John Buckley has also criticised accounts of Wittmann's career, arguing that "many historians through to today continue to repackage unquestioningly Nazi propaganda" by repeating false claims that Wittmann's tank single-handedly defeated a British offensive in Normandy.

In reality, this tactical success was achieved by the entire unit Wittmann formed part of, but was attributed only to him as part of a propaganda campaign. Author Robert Kershaw, in his book Tank Men , refers to a "tank ace" being the minority of tank commanders that accounted for the most destroyed enemy armour, saying it is roughly analogous with a flying ace. British author George Forty writes that some German tanks in particular the Tiger 1 were often better armoured and armed than their allied counterparts, which often helped the survivability of crews, enabling them to either win engagements or at least survive encounters so as to be able to fight again.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the Panzer Aces series, see Panzer Aces book series. Office of the Chief of Public Affairs, Issue 44, p. The New York Times. Retrieved 2 October Debunking Myths, Translation: "It is noted that the German and Soviet propaganda models were fundamentally different. At the heart of the German model was the "ideal warrior", destroying enemies in large numbers.

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Wittmann was an ideal tankman, Rudel was a superhero for bomber aviation, Hartman and a whole group of Aces — for fighter pilots. The success of a soldier is measured in downed fighters, destroyed tanks. Each soldier had to be equal to the "ideal warrior. The heroic deed of the soldier was extolled in a specific — often unequal — battle, often ending with the death of this soldier. The reality and circumstances of some of the textbook exploits of Soviet soldiers committed in the battles of the Great Patriotic War have also recently been disputed. Kursk A Statistical Analysis.

London: Frank Cass. Buckley, John New Haven: Yale University Press.

Greatest Tank Battles - Tank Ace: Ludwig Bauer

Hart, Stephen A. Sherman Firefly vs Tiger: Normandy Oxford: Osprey. Forty, George Stroud: Sutton. Kershaw, Robert London: Hodder. Anmerkungen zur Operationsgeschichte der Waffen-SS". Perrett, Bryan Iron Fist: Classic Armoured Warfare. London: Hachette.

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Showalter, Dennis Edwin The Historian. Smelser, Ronald; Davies, Edward J. New York: Cambridge University Press. Zaloga, Steven

Panzer Aces 2 Panzer Aces 2
Panzer Aces 2 Panzer Aces 2
Panzer Aces 2 Panzer Aces 2
Panzer Aces 2 Panzer Aces 2
Panzer Aces 2 Panzer Aces 2

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